Strategy Module



Compass is Porter Novelli's proprietary approach to communications planning. It is our way of doing business - the business of 'change.' Clients come to us because they want change to happen - opinions, decisions, impressions, attitudes and behaviors. What we at Porter Novelli do expertly is identify the right 'change,' discover what will trigger that 'change' and activate the 'change' with the audiences who matter most. Compass enables us to do this successfully and measurably. Simple, accessible and logical, this planning approach empowers us to uncover underlying assumptions about our clients' needs, identify target audiences we hope to influence and generate the Big Idea that will motivate them to change. In the process, we create value - both for our clients and for ourselves.

Pn Point Insight℠

A key step in Compass is developing insights about what drives the target group to think and behave in a certain way. We have a proprietary approach to insight development, PNPoint InsightsSM, which has been trained to all of our senior and mid-level account management staff to enable this best practice to be commonly applied to our clients' challenges. Our approach uncovers the key motivators for the target group and is applicable to business professionals, consumers, employees, legislators, physicians, and patients. The insights that are distilled from the immersion work provide an understanding of why the target thinks and behaves in a certain way.

Communications Architecture

The Communications Architecture is a model that reflects Porter Novelli's perspective and approach in PR. Through the model, we are able to draw stakeholder-specific communication methods and media activity plans. For example, the model shows the necessary diversified PR methods for a broad range of PR service areas such as B2B marketing, consumer marketing, public affairs management and internal communication as well as stakeholder relationship management through events, DM, advertisements and CRM.