• Korea Tourism Organization(KTO) Incentive Tourism Social Media Campaign

    "15 Seconds of Success"

    With the purpose of improving the image and the existing program of Korea’s incentive tourism on a global level, KorCom Porter Novelli organized a social media campaign ’15 Seconds of Success’ based on the Korea Tourism Organization’s incentive tourism program. The agency utilized various media strategies such as Crowdsourcing to successfully gather participants for the video content events, targeting at three core countries(China, Thailand, Indonesia.)

  • Brad MacAfee, Chief Executive Officer, Senior Partner, Porter Novelli

    How to bring everyday innovation in your life

    A message from Brad MacAfee, global PR chief executive officer at Porter Novelli, Omnicom Public Relations Group.
    We would like to introduce how you can produce innovation in your life.

  • Professor Robert’s PR Today

    "PR Company working for the government should register as a lobbying company."

    New York State Joint Commission on Public Ethics (JCOPE) says. Could PR activities be seen as lobbying? It may be an inevitable phenomenon with expanding functions and roles of PR industry. This is the time we need an expert PR professional who has the vision and the competence to move forward.


About Us

Found in 1995, KorCom Porter Novelli is the Korean partner of Porter Novelli, which is also part of Omnicom Goup, one of the most noteworthy advertising and marketing holding company in the world. Based on global network which is spread across total 60 countries and 90 regions, KorCom Porter Novelli provides complete communication services through macroscopic and strategic approach.


Kyle Kim / CEO


As era of Internet of Everything (IoE) arrives after the period of Internet of Things (IoT), there is a drastic shift in communication methods in respect to the changing environment. Consumers have become the key in development of a corporate brand values and reputation. As a result, the need for a company’s successful communication strategies which can draw consumer’s voluntary empathy and actions is growing in significance than ever.


  • Media & Influencer Relations Research and identify various media and influencers, and secure solid influencer relationships and management to be able to deliver powerful messages to target audience.
  • Issue & Crisis Management Provide complete consultant and expert solutions, from potential crisis preparation, real time crisis responses to post-crisis management, especially for enterprises and governments that are easily exposed to all kinds of potential risks due to complex corporate and media environment.
  • Social Media Utilize big data analysis, visual contents, visual storytelling, and influencer marketing to evoke active participation of the target audience in addition to providing differentiated contents which larger public can empathize with.
  • Public Affairs /
    Public Diplomacy
    Provide services in Issues & Crisis Management, Reputation Management, Government/ Public Relations Management, and Public Diplomacy to develop macroscopic values in the society.
  • Coaching & Training Coordinate messaging training and coaching services to the CEO of diverse industries ranging from manufacture, finance, IT, public, and consumer, Spokesperson, and PR organization.
  • IMC Propose complete marketing communication solution to contribute to a client’s business accomplishment based on KorCom Porter Novelli’s insights and professional knowledge on communication environment in all forms–on and off line.


KorCom Porter Novelli’s Institute of Communication Strategy provides professional PR consulting services such as Issues&Crisis Management, Reputation Management, PI, Research Studies and Media Evaluation based on scientific research.



Robert 교수의 PR읽기

" PR을 과연 로비로 볼 수 있을까 "

뉴욕 공공합동윤리위 "정부 일 하려면 로비회사 등록하라" - The PR뉴스 (2015.03.31)


"성공적인 소셜미디어
캠페인 전략"

제시 솔레일(Jesse Soleil) 수석부사장 겸 PNConnect 글로벌 총괄, 포터노벨리
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